Almost Moved In

I safely arrived at Brute, and after a few hours of work have gotten everything sort of put away.  We will see if the room stays like this, but it is much bigger and has A/C than my room last semester.  I've met some of the new guys; and forgotten almost all of their names...  Mass is at 6 PM, and I'm reading, so that's all for now.  I don't know what is happening for the rest of the weekend.  I'd guess tomorrow is orientation type stuff.  We'll see!

from inside the room - lots of room!
from the hallway looking in - note the stuff still piled on my chair...


  1. 'So glad you take time to give us a play-by-play as you transition back to Brute. Your room looks very comfortable and serene.

    1. The new room is very nice. I didn't think I would want all the extra room (being used to the comparably small room from last year), but I already like how it is easier to organize (and otherwise keep tidy). It is nice being a senior...

      Thanks for the kind comments!