An Introduction

I guess the best place to start the blog is with a quick description of who I am and what this blog is all about:

My name is Dominic Rankin, and I am a seminarian for the diocese of Springfield, IL.  I am began my seminary studies in 2012 at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary in Indianapolis, which I transferred to after 2 years at a community college.  I am currently in my second semester here at Brute after a great first semester (and Christmas break). in my second year at Bruté after a fantastic first year and fun (but still busy) summer "vacation" in my third year of seminary, after graduating from Marian University (and completing my college-philosophy-level seminary at Bruté), and my first year of theology (Theology I) at the Pontifical North American College in Rome and am taking classes at the Pontifical Gregorian University! 

Probably/Hopefully, this blog will be a "behind the scenes" of seminary life: the many moments of growth, learning, and fun that are constantly happening in seminary, and an inside look at the discernment and formation that I am experiencing in that process.  In addition, I hope to throw in quotes/reflections/write-ups about topics that come up in class, books, homilies, or whatever else that I find interesting, inspiring, important, or otherwise awesome!

Hopefully, this blog can also be my small way of promoting the new evangelization as begun by Blessed John Paul II, and continued by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. 

Please keep me in your prayers (and all those studying with me).

God Bless!

A view from the terrace of the Pontifical North American College showing our view of St. Peter's

South wall of Brute from inside the enclosure
Bruté is called "The Castle" for good reason -
this view is looking at the southern wall from inside the enclosure.  Now an addition has been built in this location for the housing of more seminarians.

Please remember that the views expressed here aren't those of the Springfield, IL Diocese, Bruté, or the PNAC - I try to stay out of heresy anyway, but keep that disclaimer in mind... :-D

updated 1-11-15