Funny End to Night Prayer

2/08/2013 0 Comments

Since we just ended the last vestiges of the Christmas season with the presentation of Jesus, after night prayer we have started to sing Ave Regina Caelorum.  Yesterday was the first day we did it and even with my (somewhat poor) attempt to teach it to everybody beforehand we still didn't sing it all that well.  Thus, tonight one of the guys was going to play the melody on the organ so that everybody could follow along...

Well, the person in charge of leading night prayer was supposed to end it with "May the all-powerful Lord grant us a restful night and a peaceful death. - Amen", but in the anticipation for the organ to start he forgot.  Thankfully, the guy behind him noticed the omission and chimed in with "Let us praise the Lord - And give Him thanks", which would have been a great save if only he had said the right response (that conclusion is for office of readings and mid-day prayer).  Thus, another guy had to jump into the fray with the correct "May the all-powerful Lord..."  Ah, well, I guess an extra conclusion isn't too bad.  (The Ave Regina Caelorum did go pretty good once the organ got started.)  There you have it, a smile to end your day.  Good night folks!