Today's Activities

Well, today has been busy, and it doesn't look like it's getting any easier.  We had Adoration at 8:15 and then Mass at 9:00 (rather than the typical Mass at 9:30) because there is a filming crew here to make a video about the seminary.  They were here about a week ago to get some footage of breakfast/getting ready for classes/a football game, but this was their chance to get the prayerful side of things, so we had to get up earlier.  I'm not complaining; this semester they stopped having Adoration on Saturdays because very few guys showed up, so this was a nice addition.  Of course, after Mass we had the usual cleaning session.  Today it was actually a bit longer than usual.  I (along with whoever else was in the vicinity at the time) swept the laundry room and part of the courtyard and then organized the book closet.  Basically, that is the collection of previous text books for many different classes, but it was almost unusable due to the lack of organization.  Anyway, that is now rectified...
St. Vincent de Paul
Next, I went over with some of the sophomores to help out at the St. Vincent De Paul society.  We got there around noon and the trucks that we had volunteered to unload weren't there yet, so the invited us to have some lunch.  Well, a bowl of chili, some mac-n-cheese, a pile of chicken nuggets, and a hot dog later I was definitely not hungry (I had just eaten at like 10).  Anyway, the lady that had made the food came around with the last bit of mac-n-cheese, which I got to finish off as well.  (funny how the smallest guy there - by far - got the most food...)  The trucks finally started rolling in around 1 PM, and we started to unload them.  Last time I volunteered here there was like another dozen people helping out, but this time we only had the six of us and the 2 or 3 guys that were in charge that afternoon.  Thankfully, there were only 5 trucks, and while it took maybe 15-20 minutes per truck there were plenty of breaks (when we happily checked out their vast collection of chairs - some of which were quite comfy.  The pile of mattresses was pretty nice too.) 
So we just got back from that expedition, and I am now about to leave for the Byzantine Catholic Church here in Indianapolis.  The Theology class required us to check out some other church, so I decided on the Byzantine rite.  Anyway, I am sure that it will be quite interesting, so expect a blog post later today/tomorrow. 
Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy (if you noticed), I have a lot of home-work coming up (Essay in Shakespeare - yay! and a test in Asian Philosophies - yay!), and there hasn't been anything all that spectacular going on...  I'll have to post later this evening. 

Stay Joyful!