A Delightful Suprise

The other day I had quite the surprise when I received a bunch of letters in the mail.  I don't get mail that often, and so whenever I get some it is fun to see what is inside.  Anyway, this group of letters that I got on Sunday came from a group of middle-schoolers from the Springfield diocese.  Here's some excerpts:

Dear Dominic Rankin,
Keep up the good work for becoming a priest.  I bet if you become a priest, you will be as good as our prist ____.  There are some questions I would like to ask.  What are you studing?  Also, when do you think you will be a priest?  Do you know all the gifts of the Holy Spirit?  We are studying them.  Good luck becoming a priest! 

Dear Dominic Rankin,
My name is __________, and I am an 8th grader at [their school].  I would like to thank you for choosing your vocation.  It's a big decision that will change your life, so congratulations.  I know you've been working to become a priest.  The only hare work I do is making my bed!  I just have a few question:  How is the seminary?  Do you live alone or with other priests?  How did you get to choosing this vocation?  It would be very helpful if you answered these quick questions.

Dear Dominic R,
 I hope you are having fun learning about God and priest.  I think you like it a lot.  I hope you help [their school]  when you become a priest.

Dear Dominic Rankin,
Are you happy to becom a priest?  I am happy.  Please write back.

* spelling kept in original form 

What can I say; this had to be the best thing I've gotten in the mail in a while.  To all the kids that sent me letters: THANK YOU!  You totally made my year.  Whenever I need a smile, I'll just look at your letters.  Thanks a ton!


  1. It's generational....now you know how we appreciate hearing from you on the blog!

  2. Yeah, it was so inspiring to get those letters (as is seeing how many people enjoy my blog). Thanks for the support everybody!