God Can Sanctify Even the Boring - If you let Him

This will be a short post because almost all my free time (after work) is taken up by Spanish... (which is actually turning out a little better than expected).  The last several days at work has been mostly comprised of singing off on what is called awareness training.  Basically, everybody has to come in once a year and take these computerized tests that tell them what is unsafe (and that they shouldn't do that).  Well, there are 24 different tests that everybody has to take and after they all get done I (or somebody in the safety department) has to go through the 24 printouts and make sure that they are in order, signed, dated, passed, etc.  I'll cut to the chase; each folder takes about 10 minutes to go through (I triple check my work because screwing up is not good), and it is beyond tedious.  The first few days I was seriously struggling to concentrate while doing this - just so boring.  Anyway, today, especially because it was a Monday, I didn't feel all that pumped up about a new work-week starting, with more folders to go through and everything that went with it.  And that is pretty much what I told God when I went to Mass.  You know, it's pretty easy to thank God when something is great, or pray for help when something is hard, but when something is just boring, it's hard to see where God comes into the picture.  I mean, you could offer it up, but what's the point?  

Jesus was a carpenter for much of His life
I'd guess it wasn't particularly interesting or exciting most of the time.
Of course, that is the wrong way to think about it, but that is kind of how I was approaching the week.  This, I knew wasn't going to get me anywhere.  Seriously, if I stayed all glum and pessimistic about working, doing Spanish, and basically anything else that I wasn't interested in, then approximately 90% of my life was going to be boring.  (OK, so I didn't exactly think about all that right at that moment - but it is true, I really look forward to the days where I do something fun, exciting, adventurous, etc. and I really don't look forward to the days where I have to do something, you know, that isn't cool).  Thus, I told God, fire me up, transform me, change me to who you want me to be, incinerate all the stuff that is clogging my life, especially my soul, and turn me into who you want me to be.  (I got some of this inspiration from this post of Corey's)

Now, as I am sure some of you have realized, if you ask God to transform you, He will.  Let's just say that I have a long way to go, but, getting back to where this post got started, work today, despite being 7 something hours of flipping, checking, and signing away on these papers (I went through 38 or so folders - which is just about 1000 signatures...) I wasn't ever bored out of my mind, I concentrated pretty well, I got a lot done (as you can see), and I, every so often, was reminded that I can do even the most boring things for God.  (Think St. Therese of Lisieux's Little Way, or Mother Theresa of Calcutta's Little things with great love).  

It is amazing what happens when you let God work in you.  (I am going to try surrendering the whole Spanish thing to Him.  It's amazing how I managed to forget to do that...)  This is just one of those things that I know I need to work on - surrendering everything  to God.  Ah well, I am definitely a work in progress - thankfully God is a much better worker than I am.