A Day in the Life at Brute

1/29/2013 , 0 Comments

Seminary life is great!  What can I say, last semester I don't think I woke up dreading a single day.  I'm not saying that it's easy, but it's definitely enjoyable.  That said, probably the biggest questions I had before entering seminary centered around what happened around here, so here's how life as a college seminarian (particularly at Brute) works:

5:30-6:30 AM - This is when guys start to wake up.  Generally I hit the showers a bit before six so that I avoid the rush (which starts at around 6:10) and get some hot water.  Also, one shower has a lot more pressure than the others, so I try to get that one.

6:30 - 6:45 AM - This is when people start pouring into the chapel for Mass.  I tend to arrive a bit before 6:30 to say the Office of Readings and maybe get a little prayer time (and/or Bible reading) in before Mass.  

6:45 - 7:30 AM - Morning Prayer in common with Mass

7:30 - 8:30 AM - Breakfast.  Some guys have class at 8:00, so they generally grab something and then head off to Marian (where we take classes), otherwise everybody makes themselves breakfast and then hangs out for a while.  There is cereal, yogurt, toast, bagels, eggs, bacon, cheese, oatmeal: pretty typical breakfast fare.  It is interesting though, some guys are consistently make something on the stove (eggs, bacon, etc.) and other almost always stick to the toast and/or cereal.  I try to eat some of everything - you know a balanced diet...

8:00 AM-4:00 PM - Classes/Lunch.  Most guys have 4-6 total classes (12 to 18 credit hours), so any day probably consists of 2 or 3 classes.  This semester I have 6 classes (18 credit hours), so I have 3 classes pretty much everyday.  Also, lunch and dinner are both eaten at Marian on school days, so sometime during the day guys will head over to the cafeteria, subway, or the cafe in the library to get something to eat.

4:00 -6:00 PM - Generally by this point everybody is back to Brute from class and depending on the day different things are going on.  On Monday we have Evening Prayer in common at 5:15, on Tuesdays we have a Holy Hour in common from 4-5 (including Evening Prayer), on Wednesdays we have a house meeting (when we go over what is going on/coming up), then Evening Prayer, then dinner in common, and then a formation conference,  on Thursdays we have a Holy Hour and Mass over at Marian (starting at 3:15), and on Friday we have an optional Holy Hour followed by Evening Prayer at 4:15.  So, this is pretty much the busiest part of the day...

6:00 - 10:00 PM - Typically, this time is pretty open, with some guys getting dinner still (either at Marian or someplace in Indy), some guys doing homework, some guys watching movies (or sports), some guys playing sports, some engaging in Nerf wars...  Also, from 8:30 - 9:30 on most nights (when we haven't already had one) there is optional Adoration in the Brute chapel.  I attend this whenever possible (hard to beat spending time with Jesus).

10:00 - 11:00 PM - Things start winding down, some homework gets done, guys start going to bed...

So that is the overview of a school day at Brute.  I made it sound much more busy and monotonous than it actually is.  Basically, mornings are packed as well as early evenings and the rest of the time is pretty open (except when you're in class).  I'll have to post some more on the fun stuff that goes on around here; don't think it's only ora et labora, we definitely get some fun in too... :-)

Weekends are much more relaxed.  Basically, we have Mass at 9:30 AM both days, and the rest of the time is pretty much open (except for on Saturday, when there is a cleaning session  after Mass, and Sundays, when there is Adoration/Evening Prayer at 7:00 PM).
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