Adopt a Cardinal

Here's a great idea folks - instead of worrying about who's going to be the next pope and wondering what's going on in the conclace - pick a cardinal and pray especially for him.  Leave the result in God's hands (where, of course it already is); think of it as a way to trust in the Lord. 
Most people don't have all the cardinals memorized,  so thankfully, this site (link below) does it for you and randomly generates a cardinal for you to pray for.  Have at it folks, get those prayers going!
On a lighter, funnier, note, there is also a site where you can guess as to who will be the next pope.  If you guess the right cardinal (assuming the next pope is picked from the college of cardinals) and the day on which he is chosen, and the name he will choose - you win a prize!  As it says on the site - this is not going to effect the conclave in any way, it's just for your education and enjoyment.  So, if you're into that sort of things - have some fun!
It's cold and rainy here in Indianapolis, and about to work on a paper, then go to Adoration, and then, if I feel up to it, go on a run.  Have a great afternoon folks!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! We hope that becomes a great way for Catholics to learn more about the papacy!