Please Pray for Scott

2/21/2013 , , 0 Comments

A while back, at a house meeting (where we go over what's happening over the next week), they asked us to pray for a seminarian named Scott who is/was studying at Meinrad (the upper-seminary in Indiana) who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Of course, I've forgotten a lot of the details (like his last name and what kind of cancer he had), but it was a pretty serious form of cancer (it could kill him) and he was supposed to be ordained this May or so.  Thus, after giving us this information, they asked us to pray for him through the intercession of Simon Brute.  In case you don't know, Simon Brute was a missionary to and the first bishop of Vincennes in the early 1800s.  The college seminary that I am studying in was named after him because he was a saintly, courageous bishop who started a seminary way back then.  Anyway, now people are advocating for his cause in Rome (they want him to be named a saint) and in order for the Church to name anyone a saint, they need a few miracles associated with praying to that saint.  OK, so here's the deal: please pray the prayer below for, if it be the will of God, the healing of Scott.  Thanks Everybody!  (If there's a miracle, I'll let you know...)
Bishop Brute
The Prayer