Friday Report (on Saturday)

Well, here's the rundown of what's happening around here, and the first post after the day of recollection.  I'm trying to get into a tradition of writing up a brief outline of what's happening around here each Friday; based on the fact that I'm writing this on Saturday, I'm off to a great start!

Bishop Ettiene's diocese has the source of Mystic Monk Coffee
The day of recollection is a "day" (actually between evening prayer of Friday and noon or-so on Saturday.   Brute has them about twice a semester and they involve prayer, meditation, and talks given by a speaker.  Basically, it's a mini-retreat that allows you to ignore the computer for a day, and kind of relax.  Ironically, they seem to always come up right before mid-terms or finals, so there is always tests and papers hanging over your head, but, you know, it's sometimes nice to just forget that stuff.  Anyway, this one was given by Bishop Ettiene of the diocese of Cheyenne, WY (who was actually, the previous vice-rector of Brute), and I'll have a separate post on the talks he gave (great stuff!)

Actually, Bishop Ettiene has a blog with the great title Truth in Love.  

Days of recollection are really awesome; not only are they a mini-retreat type thing, they also mean some fun recreation.  A group of guys from the  Gary, IN diocese showed up on Thursday to check out Brute and attend part of our day of recollection, so we had a pretty awesome game of football yesterday.  I'm decent at getting open, mostly due to outrunning the other person, and I can defend somebody as long as they're not too tricky, but in both cases my height works against me in catching/intercepting the ball.  (I'll put it this way, I'm a bit shorter than Pope Emeritus Benedict).  Anyway, it was a ton of fun, but I'm feeling pretty sore today, so we'll see how I feel on the run at 3:30.

This last week has been pretty tough school wise.  I had an essay in Asian Philosophy (on Hinduism) and Sociology (on Social Location).  I also had a quiz in theology and a reading assignment.  It doesn't sound that bad looking back, but it kept me pretty busy.  The upcoming week should be even more fun.  I have 3 (at least) in class mid-terms and 2 take home midterms (neither of which I've started on).  Should be awesome!

I'll post more later - off to run!