Prayers Please - Fr. Daren Reassigned

Well folks, if you have some free time you might say a prayer for Fr. Daren Zehnle.  He currently is the associate vocation director, secretary to the bishop, and episcopal master of ceremonies for the diocese of Springfield in Illinois. (I hope I got those titles right - lets just say that he has been an amazing priest to get to know, a joy to talk too, and a huge reason that I am at Bruté right now).  Anyway, he will soon be heading over to Rome to get a Licentiate in Canon Law (J.C.L.).  So, while that is a fantastic opportunity, it will also, I'm sure, entail its fare share of struggles.  I will also miss having him in the above named positions.  He has a much better description of the whole matter on his blog - Servant and Steward.

So: go check out his blog (especially that post), and while you are at it say some prayers for him.

Thanks Fr. Daren!