86 Years in the Cloister

I saw today on a headline that an 105 year old nun, who lived in a cloistered monastery in Spain, died on Wednesday after some 86 years in the cloister.  She did leave it on two occasions during that time, once when other nuns in her community were sick, and again a few years ago to meet then Pope Benedict XVI when he came to Madrid for World Youth Day - the rest of the time she was in that same monastery!  Some perspective: Sister Teresita Barajuen entered the convent in the same year that Mt. Rushmore began to be carved, the first transatlantic telephone call was made, and the world's population crossed 2 billion.  (wow!)  Quoting from an EWTN interview from January.  She said: "Even if I had married a prince, I would not be happier than I am now,”.  So Awesome!


In a different topic, sorry for the lack of posts on what is going on with me these days.  The last half of vacation was wonderful, but it did end, and now I am back to "real life".  Basically, this means that I am working full time and Spanish class has started.  Both will last for about the next 8 weeks.  Say some prayers for me (please); I didn't learn the 1st semester of Spanish when I took it a few years back, and anything I did learn has now totally disappeared.  Also, the book is written (mostly) in Spanish, so I am pretty much clueless.  Let's just say that I have never considered dropping a class until now...