Lent - So Much to Think About (Videos)

Here are several pretty good videos that I have stumbled upon tackling how we need to approach Lent - from all sorts of directions.  The first three are especially fantastic!  Enjoy!

Scott Hahn - Looking at Lent from the Old Testament to today, the deep scriptural roots of this period of conversion and mercy (both of which require us to rely on God).

Fr. Robert Barron - Tips on deepening and giving true meaning to our prayer, fasting, and almsgiving this Lent.

Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC - Pick specific ways to pray, fast, and give during lent, and go through Lent with Mary!

Fr. Pontifex - On the utmost importance of prayer.

Cardinal Dolan - God always calls us back to Him, pray and go to confession!


  1. Great ! It is good checking your blog

    1. Thanks Rafael; see you in a few days! I hope your break is going well!