A Life with Karol - Book Review

2/22/2013 , , 0 Comments

This book, written by Cardinal Stanislaw Sziwisz, narrates his experience as a close friend of John Paul II.  Sziwisz started his relationship with the then arch-bishop of Krakow as his secretary and had an intimate view into the awesome man that was JPII.  It looks at everything from the second vatican council to John Paul's death - his inaguration, his visit to Poland, the attempt on his life, the new evangelization, the fall of communism, and the many other vastly important events that happened in and because of John Paul II.  It's a facinating look "behind the scenes" at how John Paul II did things.  I guess the point that kept coming back again and again was the immense amounts of time and energy JPII devoted to prayer.  Everything he did was surrendered to God in prayer, every decision, every trip, every speech, every moment, was given totally to God.  Prayer was where he got his stregnth, his motivation, his peace, his assurance, his love, etc.  The motto for John Paul II's pontificate was Totus Tuus - Totally Yours.  This book really shows that - jpii gave everything to God and really let God work through him totally.  I thought he was fantastic before reading this book - now I think he was more fantastic.  Very Recommended!
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